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Jasmine Gaulden



There is no better test in life, than one that challenges us to be selfless and put others first. 


Bria Battle


Vice President of

Healthcare Awareness and Reform

Taking care of people and teaching them how to live healthy lives makes what I do everyday a highlight of my life.  


Chris Cooper


 Vice President of

Environmental Awareness and Reform

There are so many beautiful places and so many wonderful animals that we share this world with. I just want everyone to do their part to make sure we can keep this world a beautiful place. 


Cincere Gaulden


Vice President of

Youth Outreach

Your mental health is very important. Being happy and keeping peace is very important to your body. I promise to teach this to our youth.


Jacorey Battle


Vice President of

Education Awareness and Reform

Learning can happen in or out of the classroom and with any age of person. I enjoy teaching people new things and helping everyone I encounter to invest in themselves by investing in their mind.

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